Welcome to SUBstudios

SUBstudios will try to provide you with information on the Chicago Blues music scene in all its forms. There is a wide variety of Blues in this city, from acoustic blues to Contemporary. This site will hopefuly contribute to keeping the Blues alive and well, and to inform the listening public about the artists that need support around this city. From the Northside to the South and from the Westside to the east the Chicago Blues scene is still going on. Of course, this city is known for its Blues and this site will hopefully, in its small way, try to inform you that it is still going on.

SUBstudios will also provide you with BIO's, Gig Date's, Booking info and Pics of Chicago Blues artists and provide information on clubs that participate in bookings of artists around Chicago. Of course, you can find some of the clubs that feature blues artists in the local papers,(ie:The Chicago Reader). SUBstudios will hopefully give you info on more of the obscure clubs and artist that contribute to the growing of this music but also keeping the history alive. As Blues musicians we have an obligation to keep the history of blues alive but we "need" and should also create, as did our mentors, and as you will see the artists will give a taste of the old with some of the new. This site will also give info on Chicago Blues Jams around the city(you might be surprised who you can find at these Jams).

SUBstudios is on going, and will try to keep up. SUBstudios in not a critic. This website is non for profit and always under constuction.

Keep the Blues Alive