Blues Jams

Buddy Guys Legends: Every Monday, you might get lucky and play on the stage where Buddy Guy Frequents, he also can be seen at the bar pretty often as well. Starts at 9:30 with the hosting band starting a one hour set till 10:30, then the "pro" jam starts. There is a list at the front, so get there early to sign in if you want to play.(Sometimes they don't follow the order of the list so let the host know you are there.) The host try's to put together a decent band so if you are lucky you will be playing with some top notch players.

Bill's Blues: Located in Evanston IL, starts at 9:30 till closing. This is a Fun Blues Jam and the stage is Diva Friendly. There is a mix of pro's and newbies.

Harlem Ave Lounge: Located in Berwyn IL. Every Thursday, starts at 8:30 with the hosting band playing for one set. Sign the list and you are ready to go. pro's and newbies. Lottsa fun at Kenny" place

Kingston Mines: Located in Chicago. This well known blues joint does not have a regular jam but if want to play with the band it can be done. Sunday thru Wednesday last set of the night on both stages. Let them know you are there.

Rosa's Lounge: Located on the west side of Chicago. Every Thursday from 9:30 to closing. The Jam is Hosted By Eddie Taylor Jr. and there is a sign-in list at the door. very dark and bluesy.

BlueGem: Located on Northside of Chicago. Every Thursday from 9:00 to 1:00. The Jam is Hosted By Toronzo Cannon. Cookie's New Club.

Note: If you know of any jams, please use the contact to let me know.

Keep the Blues alive!!!!!!!!